Why is it that we set goals and a whole year passes (365 days!!) and we don’t do it. This is a great opportunity to recess;

What your goals are?

It’s mission?

It’s vision?

I don’t believe we get too busy, it’s all a matter of planning and prioritizing, so “busy” is not an excuse friend. What keeps you from reaching your goal; 

  1. Perfectionism: If you are waiting for the perfect time, finances or circumstance to start your dream - you’ll be waiting for a long time! Because perfect does not exist. Just start, where you are, with what you have!

  2. Fear of failing: we have this misconception that failing is a bad thing. Who said failing is bad? Failing is only a way of knowing what works and what doesn’t work. Your attitude towards it, is what determines your failure. 

  3. Fear of change - We, humans love comfort and thinking of change can be scary but if you want the big dream you need to be ready to face the big change. 

  4. Being impatient: This is so true, specially for this time of age. Living in a world of “instant gratification” we get everything we want in a touch of a button, we download pictures within seconds, it’s no wonder that we get so impatient with our dreams but the reality of it is - success is doing the right thing every single day and then waking up and doing it all over again.

  5. Lack of Discipline: Discipline is not a bad word, it’s not wrong to discipline our children torn why is it wrong to discipline ourselves. Discipline says “I know you are better than this and I’m going to get there”

  6. Excuses: Whatever excuse you have right now, please throw it out of your mind - because if God put that dream in you, then he has already created a way for you. It’s a matter of believing. 

  7. Procrastination: the enemy will be quick to distract you - when you do, acknowledge that is it his scheming ways, get back to focus. Your focus will determine your reality. 

  8. Comparison: The only person you need to compare to, is the person you were yesterday. Comparison is not only the thief of joy but it’s also the thief of of dreams. Stay on your lane.

Be blessed,