I write this not as a victim of sexual exploitation but someone who has been deeply impacted by the reality of it. During my first Human Trafficking event I shared 5 points I learned throughout my journey of discovering “How to make a difference in the world?” I hope this encourages you to know that YOU have the power to change the world.

1. Don’t turn away from bad news, instead look into it - I used to avoid “bad news” only because it left me sad and discouraged but I realized that you can only find solutions when you allow yourself to face the painful reality.

2. Don’t hate, educate! - Don’t just say “I hate it when, I see children being bullied”, “I hate it when I read about woman discrimination”. Instead educate yourself to know why, where and how is this happening?

3. Don’t assume your “little” effort is insignificant or unimportant. Little has the power to make BIG difference.

4. How do you show up matters? If you want love in the world, do you show up with love? If you want peace, do you show up with peace? Change is done through us. Each person we encounter everyday is a chance given to us to make a difference.

5. Together we can! (I know it’s cli·ché ) but it’s true! Join in with others. One voice may only get so much attention but can you imagine how much louder we can get when we all join together?”

Be blessed,