I love the story of David.

For years he was doing the same thing - watching over his sheep with great diligence and chasing the Father’s heart in the midst of it.
If it wasn't for those years of obedience, He would have never been prepared to take on Goliath. A vital moment that changed the course of his life forever.

Two things caught God's attention;

1- David loved and pursued God wholeheartedly. During those times, worshiping God wasn't allowed but David would go up the mountain and do it in the secret place where nobody saw him. He had communion with the Lord daily - This allowed him to defeat Goliath because he knew God well enough to know God will never fail him.

2- David was diligent in everything he did from tending and protecting the sheep to obeying his earthly father. Having had so much practice with his sling shot during those years - that he knew how to use it with his eyes closed. He even refused to use a sword when the time came to fight off Goliath.

These two things set David up for victory. These were strengths that were cultivated and stewarded during his "not so exciting" days of watching over the sheep.

Sweet girl, my question to you today is - Are you stewarding what God has put in front of you with great diligence?

With great joy and honor?

Or are you complaining? Wasting your time drowning in comparison?

It's our "willingness" to do the mundane that sets us up for the future. God wastes nothing, even the little things matter and are seen in the eyes of our Father. He wants us to be faithful in the little things so He can trust us in the big things.

We cannot sustain the growth He has for us if our character is not ready.

Be blessed,