What to do when you are feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed or just exhausted.

I thought I would share with you all some tips I find super helpful to recharge - mind, body and soul. .

1. Give yourself permission to slow down. 
Why do I say "permission"? Because no one else is in control of yourself and your life but you. 
Stop and allow yourself to breath. 
Cancel all extra activities you have planned and give yourself permission - TO DO NOTHING!
Maybe this means skipping your morning exercise to just have a slow start or taking a day off from work or spending a quiet evening at home, or maybe putting off social media for a while - whatever "slowing down" may look like for you, do it!

2. Set your eyes on Jesus - recharge your mind and spirit. 
The best way to recharge mentally and spiritually is to be in the Word. God's word carries life so when we read it it breathes life into us. Pray and mediate on the scriptures - journal your thoughts and prayers. 
We may not know what our tomorrow's carry but the One above does. Abide in Him. Abide means to "remain". Remain in Jesus. .

3. Sleep - recharge your body. 
Sleep plays an important role for your physical health. It's not only good for your mind but it's also good for our heart and body tissues.

One last thing - 
When we are tired, we are more susceptible and vulnerable to hear and believe the lies of the enemy therefore making sure we slow down, we set our eyes on Jesus and we get a good night sleep - straighten us in our daily walk.

Be blessed,